Crossbody Handbag Collection

I have chosen these four bags to be part of my permanent collection:

Bottega has a way with bags that not many people appreciate. Each bag is woven by hand in Italy out of beautiful soft nappa leather (some bags even take weeks to make; this isn't one of them lol). I admire their craftsmanship to an unbelievable extent. 
This color is considered autumnal but it works on my skin tone, so I wear it all year. Hat is by Borsalino.

The Soho Disco bag is beloved by all bloggers & for good merit. It fits my DSLR (disassembled) & matches perfectly with these slides

Black bag with silver hardware is a necessity in my life. Mulberry is a brand I trust whole heartedly as I own two other bags from them. Much like Bottega, this brand is hand crafted however this time in England. Hat is by Borsalino.


Prada purchased in 2014, linked bag is similar
To be honest, I would never wear these shoes with this bag; but I had to do it for the sake of the photo. Black bag with gold hardware; another necessity. This one is made of saffiano leather (which now I severely despise) but it got used and abused for the first couple years I had it. 
I actually had some drama with Prada concerning this bag, so I really wouldn't recommend you purchase from the freestanding store. Go to Neiman's, their customer service is always on point.