Boot Dilemma

Hello Loves!
This is a bit of a different post for me, since I usually refrain from writing; but my most essential capsule boot has finally kicked the bucket (pun terribly intended). Anyways, I have found replacements. Yes, that is plural. 
My OG boots are from Saks a little over three years ago. They had both suede & smooth leather. The smooth leather being on the heel (crucial for driving purposes) & suede was in the front.

I have searched the ends of the world looking for a similar pair but I just opted to purchase two pairs. One suede & the other smooth leather. Both from Michael Kors.

New for my capsule: Suede boots.

New for my capsule: Smooth leather boots.

Do you guys like these replacement/new in capsule wardrobe posts? Because I am quite new to this whole capsule situation, I found that a few pieces I have added did not get worn as much as they should. Would you like to see updates on those pieces as well?
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